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Welcome at CEA !

Your work as a PhD fellow in your lab

​​​​​​​Welcome fellows, on this page you will find content about daily life as a NUMERICS awardee.

Published on 29 August 2023

​Financial support for trainings, participation to summer schools, meetings and congresses.

During your stay as a NUMERICS PhD fellow, you are entitled to a financial support (1000 € / year) to finance your participation in scientific trainings, in summer schools, meetings and congresses (including travel and lodging). To comply with CEA rules, this lump sum will be transferred by INSTN to your laboratory at the end of each calendar year. Do not forget to ask your supervisor to use it for your project during that year !


​Publications resulting from your work should include proper acknowledgement of the support by NUMERICS.

1- All publications (posters, communications, articles) need to acknowledge support from the NUMERICS program with the following sentence:

"XY (your initials) was supported by the CEA NUMERICS program, which has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under the Marie Sklodowska-Curie grant agreement No 800945"

In addition, posters should reproduce the European flag with the logos of the institutions that financially support the work.

2- Open Access Science requires that all publications resulting from your PhD work are freely accessible after a reasonable delay (the embargo) on a public platform. To do so, CEA supports the use of the HAL platform. To comply with the obligations of CEA towards EU for the NUMERICS program, you will be asked periodically to send the DOI (Digital Object Identifier) of each of your publications and the public link (the repository link) where each publication can be accessed to after the embargo period.


​Professional training to support your career development.

NUMERICS PhD fellows will be invited to training sessions aimed at supporting their career development (transversal training, i.e. skills developments in terms of competencies useful for jobs in many different sectors of the economy. Two trainings are specially designed for NUMERICS PhD fellows at present and are organized at INSTN/Paris-Saclay and INSTN/Grenoble. In addition to the benefit from the training, the participation can also be viewed as an occasion to meet other NUMERICS PhD fellows at CEA:

1- "PhD students: build your thesis and your career plan", 2-day training, group of 14 participants max. This training is best recommended for 1st year PhD fellows.

2- "Leading a scientific project", 3-day training, group of 10 participants max. This training is best recommended for 2nd and 3rd year PhD fellows.

In addition, all the trainings organized by INSTN for PhD fellows at CEA are available for free for NUMERICS PhD fellows. The list of the training sessions for 2022 can be downloaded here.


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