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NUMERICS program

Training program

The ​NUMERICS program includes training through research and on transferrable skills. Specific training programs regarding technical skills will be organized by CEA through its participation to the PRACE/PACT program whereas CEA-INSTN will organize Transversal training programs for all PhD fellows.
Published on 15 October 2018

 What's the difference between the transversal training programs and the specific's?

On one side, the Specific training programs consist in 1-to-3-day training sessions (about 10 per year) oriented towards hard skills such as software, development tools, debugging and optimization, programming on GPU, advanced usage on CURIE, uncertainty quantification, etc. On the other side, the Transversal training program is organized over the whole 3-year period of the PhD project and capitalizes on the experience and progress of the fellows. The program focuses on the thesis launch, valorization of research and preparing the PhD student to his/her occupational integration.

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