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PublicationListe of PhD projects

Parution : 01/16/2023

(Projects (2018-2021)

1.*     Data-driven model-learning for suspensions of micro-swimmers. (IRAMIS Institute, CEA/Paris-Saclay)

2*.     Theoretical description of non-linear processes in magnetic materials. (IRAMIS Institute, CEA/Paris-Saclay)

3.*     Interplay between chemical configuration, magnetism and defects in Fe-Ni-Cr alloys : an ab initio study. (DMN Department, CEA/Paris-Saclay)

4.*    Multiscale modelling of segregation and diffusion in Fe-Cr-Ni alloys under irradiation. (DMN Department, CEA/Paris-Saclay


Projects (2019-2022)

5.*     Atomic-scale modeling of diffusion in concentrated alloys. (DMN Department, CEA/Paris-Saclay)

6.     3D thermomechanical modeling of printed circuit boards. (DPLORR, CEA/Grenoble)

7. *    Numerical and experimental studies of a combined cooling and power cycle (LITEN Institute, CEA/Grenoble)

8.*     Numerical methods for a personalized autonomous transcutaneous gas monitoring device. (LETI institute, CEA/Grenoble)

9.  Machine learning based simulation of realistic signals for an enhanced automatic diagnostic in non-destructive testing applications. (LIST Institute, CEA/Paris-Saclay)

10.*  Improving the lifetime prediction methodology of Li-ion batteries for electric vehicles. (LITEN Institute, CEA/Grenoble)

11.*  Artificial intelligence for real-time decoding of motor commands from ECoG of disabled subjects for chronic brain computer interfacing. (LETI Institute and CLINATEC, CEA/Grenoble)

12.  Numerical schemes for modelling the interplay between edge and core turbulent transport in tokamak plasmas. (IRFM Institute, CEA/Cadarache)

13.*  Artificial intelligence for a gamma-detector for high resolution PET imaging. (IRFU Institute, CEA/Paris-Saclay)

14.  Smart data analytics workflows for high performance simulations. (MdS, CEA/Paris-Saclay)

15.  Exploring the functional role of neural oscillations in temporal processing (JOLIOT Institute, CEA/Paris-Saclay)

16.  Ultra relativistic plasmonic. (IRAMIS Institute, CEA/Paris-Saclay)

17*.  Estimating methane sources and sinks in the Arctic using atmospheric data assimilation. (LSCE Laboratory, CEA/Paris-Saclay)

18*.  Modelling of the pulsating heat pipe. (IRAMIS Institute, CEA/Paris-Saclay)


Projects (2020-2023)

19.  Computational integration and modelling of DNA repair kinetics in eukaryotes. (JOLIOT Institute, CEA/Paris-Saclay)

20.  From spectra to total energies: a new approach to calculate the electronic ground state; (IRAMIS Institute, CEA/Paris-Saclay)

21.  Numerical analysis of coherent, chimera and chaotic states within networks of dynamically coupled spin torque nano-oscillators for wireless communication and machine learning applications. (IRIG Institute, CEA/Grenoble)

22. Electronic excitations of borophene: novel graphical tool for the electron density . (IRAMIS Institute, CEA/Paris-Saclay)

23.  Scalar field scenarios for dark matter. (IPHT, CEA/Paris-Saclay)

24. Mapping brain development in the newborn: analyses of large database in multi-modal and multi-scale imaging and modeling. (JOLIOT Institute, CEA/Paris-Saclay)

25.  The neutrino nature through the analysis of double-beta decays of Xenon-136 in the PandaX-III experiment. (IRFU Institute, CEA/Paris-Saclay)

26. Numerical calculation and simulation methods for the analysis and control of the stability of electrical networks with a high rate of renewable energy - Validation by real-time simulation. (LITEN Institute, CEA/Grenoble)

27.  Intercalation in graphite materials. (IRIG Intitute, CEA/Grenoble)

28. Pushing ab initio calculations of atomic nuclei throughout the nuclear chart. (IRFU Institute, CEA/Paris-Saclay)

29.  Reconstruction et analyse d'événements de l'expérience CMS avec intelligence artificielle. (IRFU Institute, CEA/Paris-Saclay)

30.  Antimatter, hypernuclei: need to know the antiproton-nucleus interaction. (IRFU Institute, CEA/Paris-Saclay)

31. Multiscale modelling of diffusion in fast-lithium ion solid-state electrolytes. (IRAMIS Institute, CEA/Paris-Saclay)

32.  Multi-scale modelling approach of a steam storage with Phase Change Materials integrated into a thermal process.  (LITEN Institute, CEA/Grenoble)

33.  Resistance level modulation in PCM memory for neuromorphic applications (LETI Institute, CEA/Paris-Saclay)

34. Development of AI methods for deep learning of the MRI signature of the cortex cytoarchitecture with diffusion MRI. (JOLIOT Institute, CEA/Paris-Saclay)

35.  Machine Learning methods for non-stationary systems: applications to climate simulations. (LSCE, CEA/Paris-Saclay)

36.  Deep learning for the joint optimization of accelerated sampling and reconstruction schemes for high-resolution brain MRI at 7 and 11.7 Tesla.  (JOLIOT Institute, CEA/Paris-Saclay)

37.  Study of a numerical scheme to solve the neutron transport equation based on the PN method and discontinuous finite element methodwith unstructured and curvilinear 3D meshes. (ISAS Institute, CEA/Paris-Saclay)

Projects (2021-2024)

38. Deep learning to discover rare complex signals with the Atlas experiment at the LHC. (IRFU Institute, CEA/Paris-Saclay)

39. Study of reaction mechanisms for the synthesis of super-heavy elements. (IRFU Institute, CEA/Paris-Saclay)

40. Artificial intelligence to simulate big data and search for the higgs boson decay to a pair of muons with the ATLAS experiment at the large hadron collider (LHC). (IRFU Institute, CEA/Paris-Saclay)

41. A numerical approach to understanding rates of ice sheet build-up during the Quaternary. (LETI Institute, CEA/Paris-Saclay)

42. Turbulence - neutrals interaction and its impact on density regimes in the edge plasma of tokamaks. (LRFM Institute, CEA/Paris-Saclay)

43.  Modelling and simulation of the self-assembly of nanoparticles under an external magnetic field. (IRAMIS Institute, CEA/Paris-Saclay)

44. Pushing ab initio calculations of atomic nuclei to higher precision. (IRIG Institute, CEA/Grenoble)

45. Multiscale modeling of spin-orbitronic phenomena at metal, oxide, and 2D material interfaces for spintronic devices. (IRFU Institute, CEA/Paris-Saclay)

(*)  PhD Thesis has been successfully accomplished 

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