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PublicationList of PhD projects

Parution : 01/16/2023


Session : 2018-2021

1.*   Giordano FAUSTI, Phase separation in active systems : non-equilibrium fingerprints​. 2021/12/15 

2.*   Kangming LI,  Magnetochemical coupling effects on thermodynamics, point-defect formation and diffusion in Fe-Ni alloys : a theoretical study. 2021/11/30 

3.*    Shalu RANI, Theoretical description of non-linear process in magnetic materials​ 2021/12/15 

4.*   Yimi WANG, Atomistic modeling of thermodynamic properties, diffusion and ordering in Fe-Ni alloys2021/11/30​ 

Sessio: 2019-2022

5*.  Ange Grégoire Odjoutchoni ATINTOH, 3D thermomechanical modeling of printed circuit board​, 2023/06/16. 

6.*  Emily BOURNE, Non-uniform numerical schemes for the modelling of turbulence in the 5D GYSELA code, 2022/12/02. 

 7.*  Simone​ BRACCIO, Numerical and experimental studies of a combined cooling and power cycle​ , 2023/02/01.

​8.*  Pamela CAMILOS, Atomic-scale modeling of diffusion in concentrated alloys. , 2022/11/22.

9.*   Maria Paula DUVAL (COMSA) Numerical methods for a personalized autonomous transcutaneous gas monitoring device , 2022/12/05. 

10.* Amal GUEROUDJI, Distributed Task-Based In Situ Data Analytics for High-Performance Simulations, 2023/05/26.

11.* Harish GUNASEKARAN Subjective recalibration and endogenous delta oscillations in humans. 2023/06/28.

12*.  Marc HABER, Improving the lifetime prediction methodology of Li-ion batteries for electric vehicles, 2023/01/09.

13.* Paula KLEIJ, Plasmonics in ultra relativistic regime. 2023/02/15.

14. Polina SIMKINA, Reconstruction et analyse d'événements de l'experience CMS avec intelligence artificiel

15.* Maciej ŚLIWOWSKI , Artificial intelligence for real-time decoding of motor commands from ECoG of disabled subjects for chronic brain computer interfacing  2022/12/02.

16.*  Chi-Hsun SUNG, Simulation and artificial intelligence for a gamma detector for high resolution PET imaging. 2022/07/04.

17*. Sophie WITTIG, Estimating methane sources and sinks in the Arctic using atmospheric data assimilation. 2023/01/13.

18*  Xiaolong ZHANG, Modelling of the pulsating heat pipe. 2023/01/06.

Sessio: 2020-2023

19.  Keneth ASSOGBA, Study of a numerical scheme to solve the neutron transport equation based on the PN method and discontinuous finite element methodwith unstructured and curvilinear 3D meshes.

20.  Mahmoud ATTIA, Multiscale modelling of diffusion in fast-lithium ion solid-state electrolytes.

21.  Anas BACHIRI,​ Development of AI methods for deep learning of the MRI signature of the cortex cytoarchitecture with diffusion MRI.

22.**  Vaishnavi BORSE , Machine Learning methods for non-stationary systems: app​​lications to climate simulations 

23.  Teddy CHEDID, Multi-scale modelling approach of a steam storage with Phase Change Materials integrated into a thermal process. 

24.  Abdallah​ EL SAHILI, From spectra to total energies: a new approach to calculate the electronic ground state.

25. * Raquel GALAZO GARCIA, Scalar field scenarios for dark matter. 2023/09/22

26.* Chaithya​​​​ GILIYAR RADHAKRISHNA Designing and learning non-Cartesian k-space sampling trajectories for accelerated 3D MRI. 2023/04/25

​27. Andrea GONDOVA, Cartographie du développement du cerveau du nouveau-né : Analyses de grandes bases de données d’imagerie multimodales et multi-échelle.

28.  Gerardo Emanuel GRANADOS​, Mapping brain development in the newborn: analyses of large database in multi-modal and multi-scale imaging and modeling.

29.  Mateo IBARRA GOMEZ​, Numerical analysis of coherent, chimera and chaotic states within networks of dynamically coupled spin torque nano-oscillators for wireless communication and machine learning applications. 

30.  Andrii LOBASENKO, The neutrino nature through the analysis of double-beta decays of Xenon-136 in the PandaX-III experiment.

31. NGUYEN Hung Cuong NGUYEN, Numerical calculation and simulation methods for the analysis and control of the stability of electrical networks with a high rate of renewable energy - Validation by real-time simulation.

32. Samuel Obadero, ​Intercalation in graphite materials.

33. Alam OSORIO DELGADILLO, Electronic excitations of borophene: novel graphical tool for the electron density 

34.* Andrea PORRO, Ab initio description of monopole resonances in light- and medium-mass nuclei​.  2023/09/26

35. Ahmed TRABELSI, Resistance level modulation in PCM memory for neuromorphic applications.

36. *Leo ZEITLER, Computational integration and modelling of DNA repair kinetics in eukaryotes. 2023/09/21

37. Demid​ ZHARENOV, Antimatter, hypernuclei: need to know the antiproton-nucleus interaction. 

Sessio:​ 2021-2024

38. Alberto CARNELLI,  Deep learning to discover rare complex signals with the Atlas experiment at the LHC. 

39. Hope DONGLO​, Study of reaction mechanisms for the synthesis of super-heavy elements. 

40. Peter FITZHUGH​, Artificial intelligence to simulate big data and search for the higgs boson decay to a pair of muons with the ATLAS experiment at the large hadron collider (LHC)

41. Mateo IBARRA GOMEZ, A numerical approach to understanding rates of ice sCheet build-up during the Quaternary. 

42. Virginia QUADRI​, Turbulence - neutrals interaction and its impact on density regimes in the edge plasma of tokamaks.

43. Nathalie SAOULI Modelling and simulation of the self-assembly of nanoparticles under an external magnetic field. 

44. Alberto SCALESI, Pushing ab initio calculations of atomic nuclei to higher precision. 

45. Libor VOJACEK, Multiscale modeling of spin-orbitronic phenomena at metal, oxide, and 2D material interfaces for spintronic devices. 

(*)  PhD Thesis has been successfully accomplished 

(**) end of the contract

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