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Published on 24 July 2018

What the age limit for application?

Applicants must be under 25. However, there may be exceptional cases.

How much is the remuneration?

Your monthly gross salary will be €2043,54​/month during the first and second years. The third year it will rise up to €2104,63/month.

Meaning that your monthly net income after taxes will be a rought €1582/month for the firts and second years and around €1620/month in the third year.

What type of contract will I sign?

​You will sign a Contrat de Formation par la Recherche,CFR (Research Training Contract). It is 36 month fixed-term contract which is completely fund by the CEA. The CEA will be your employer.

Would NUMERICS fund other subjects than the one proposed by the program


Are career break taken into account? How?
How to start a redress/appeal process once the list is published?

​You will have to write an e-mail for a re-examination of your results within 15 days after the awardee list is published on the website. The results of the redress procedure will be given witin 7 days after the procedure onset.