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COSCINUS - COmmunauté SCIences NUmériqueS

DIGITAL SCIences Community of CEA

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of the DIGITAL SCIences Community of CEA

Published on 3 January 2023

COSCINUS - DIGITAL SCIences Community - was created in June 2022 following a recommendation of CEA's Digital Mission. It is an organized internal digital community, an essential resource for the CEA's ambition to position itself as a major digital player in Europe. Its creation is part of a challenge to develop the organization's social capital: to federate the community of 3,000 CEA researchers, engineers and technicians who work in the various fields of research and development in digital sciences, relying on a mode of organization that supports collective intelligence.

The objective of COSCINUS is to reinforce synergies and transversalities between the digital sciences and between the CEA's departments. The community currently includes 280 multi-skilled employees from all CEA divisions who contribute (or have contributed) to the work of the Digital Mission by getting involved in :

>>working groups: skills, challenges, frugal digital, bluesky...

>> moonshot projects: self-learning robot, green blockchain, Multi Mod'air...

>> the development of digital platforms: Data4Science, DeepLab, Materials

>> or the animation of the community

The success of COSCINUS is that of the wealth shared between its members!

COSCINUS is built by and for its members, who can freely take part in exchanges, share their experiences and content, contribute with their means, ask questions useful for carrying out their missions or even make calls for internal collaborations. 

The semainars , trainings and jobs are also the point of interest of the community.

You can join Talkspirit group of COSCINUS community and become its active member.

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