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Solid State Physics, Materials, Structures

Published on 11 February 2021

SL-DES-21-0008  - Multi-scale modelling and numerical simulation of transport in porous media: application to concretes.

SL-DES-21-0018 - Structure deformations induced by internal hydrogen explosions: experimental and numerical investigations.

SL-DES-21-0062 - Effective numerical methods for a deeper insight of industrial non-linear dynamic systems.

SL-DES-21-0078 - New theoretical models for an improved description of nuclear de-excitation phenomena.

SL-DES-21-0082 - Atomic scale simulations of defects in pure metal materials and binary alloys.

SL-DES-21-0084 - Dislocations glide in tungsten and iron with a carbon addition.

SL-DES-21-0109 -

SL-DES-21-0126 - Predicting temperature effects on the microstructural evolution of alloys using high-dimensional regression metamodels.

SL-DES-21-0135 - Modeling nuclear cross sections from a microscopic approach of the R-matrix theory.

SL-DES-21-0191 - Parallel approach for adaptive mesh refinement focusing on 3D non-linear mechanical simulations.

SL-DES-21-0193 - Numerical Simulation of multiple cracks propagation in dynamics via an explicit phase-field method.

SL-DES-21-0716 - Identification of crystal plasticity constitutive laws from numerical twins and deep learning.

SL-DES-21-0717 - A virtual testing approach for the validation of metallic materials behaviour at high rates.

SL-DRF-21-0544 - Structure and spectroscopic properties of oxyde materials with machine learning.

SL-DRF-21-0790 - Modelling and simulation of the self-assembly of nanoparticles under an external magnetic field.

SL-DRT-21-0606 - Multiscale simulation for engineering and characterization of materials and quantum devices.

SL-DRT-21-0665 - Ab initio simulation for X-ray spectroscopy.

SL-DRT-21-0699 - Numerical twins of strained interfaces involving MoS2, III-N and SiC obtained by combining experiments and simulations.

SL-DRT-21-0752 - Numerical simulation for processing powder bed additive manufacturing.