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Instrumentation, Computer Sciences and Softwares

Published on 1 March 2021

SL-DES-21-0211 - Coupling graphs of heterogeneous models : algorithms, load balancing and parallelism to optimize the solving of coupling in time and use in the context of statistical studies.

SL-DES-21-0282 -

SL-DES-21-0335 - Robust and good-quality hexahedral mesh generation thanks to machine learning.

SL-DES-21-0764 -

SL-DRF-21-0401 - Learning how to implement device-independent quantum key distribution using artificial intelligence.

SL-DRF-21-0819 - Ab initio simulations of spin polarized STM images.

SL-DRT-21-0031 - Safety/Security Modeling for Security Characterization of Industrial Control Systems.

SL-DRT-21-0089 - Embedded elapsed-time attestation.

SL-DRT-21-0186 - Distributed resource allocation for meshed networks of mobile users in shared spectrum.

SL-DRT-21-0190 - Automatic design of secure hardware architectures.

SL-DRT-21-0192 - Proof of functional equivalence of binary codes in the context of programs hardening.

SL-DRT-21-0239 - Design and verification of a spiking neural network accelerator with resistive RAM synapses.

SL-DRT-21-0248 - Single address space for massively parallel computers.

SL-DRT-21-0276 - Formal verification of hardware micro-architectures to analyze the influence of faults injection and the robustness of countermeasures.

SL-DRT-21-0375 - Improving Side-channel based instruction disassembling.

SL-DRT-21-0398 - Deep wireless localization based on artificial intelligence for challenging environments.

SL-DRT-21-0400 - Quantum computing for optimization on NISQ computers.

SL-DRT-21-0446 - Training and quantization of large-scale deep neural networks for transfer learning.

SL-DRT-21-0454 - Preserving temporal properties while dynamic reconfiguration of cyber physical systems.

SL-DRT-21-0459 - Situation awareness and task planning for a mobile manipulator in uncertain logistic environment.

SL-DRT-21-0465 - Embedded autonomous incremental learning.

SL-DRT-21-0529 - In-memory computing for sporadic applications in extreme environment.

SL-DRT-21-0557 - Fuzzing techniques to support static security analyses.

SL-DRT-21-0559 - Speculating about low-level security in code-level security analysis.

SL-DRT-21-0594 - Shell finite elements for real time simulations in virtual reality.

SL-DRT-21-0622 - Secure information sharing for material and product passports in support of the circular economy.

SL-DRT-21-0630 - Accounting for the environmental impact of digital systems during the design phase.

SL-DRT-21-0640 - Distributed data stream learning in a collaborative environment.

SL-DRT-21-0641 - Scalable and precise static analysis of memory for low-level languages.

SL-DRT-21-0644 - Trajectory prediction for autonomous navigation.

SL-DRT-21-0653 - Dynamic mesh reordering by cache-aware heuristics for scientific computing.

SL-DRT-21-0656 - Real time semantic extraction on sparse data for embedded perception.

SL-DRT-21-0659 - Abnormal event detection in videos.

SL-DRT-21-0674 - Deep learning for multi-modal and multi-resolution electron tomography reconstructions.

SL-DRT-21-0692 - Gamification for empowering engineers collectives.

SL-DRT-21-0723 - Optimization of acquisition parameters in measurement and X-ray imaging through simulation.

SL-DRT-21-0738 - Simulation-assisted imaging for SHM by elastic guided waves: tomography and shape derivative.

SL-DRT-21-0803 - Tactile-based learning and classification methods for task planning and verification – applications to multi-digital and bimanual robotic manipulation.

SL-DRT-21-0808 - Edge-IA autonomous systems for biodiversity protection.