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Energy Systems, Batteries, Materials for Energy

Published on 31 March 2021

SL-DRT-21-0347 - Diagnostic and prognostic tools for inverters and PV modules using machine-learning approaches.

SL-DRT-21-0403 - High-efficiency power hub for energy transition.

SL-DRT-21-0480 - Advanced control of converters for stability of microgrid with high rate integration of renewanle energy.

SL-DRT-21-0533 - Optimization of the distribution of water, temperature and current in PEM fuel cell.

SL-DRT-21-0537 - Study and modelling of phenomena at the lithium metal/solid electrolyte polymer interface.

SL-DRT-21-0729 - Eco-Innovation methodology.

SL-DRT-21-0838 - Prediction of PEM water electrolyzer lifetime by multi-physics modeling.