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Complex Fluids and Processes

Published on 11 February 2021

SL-DES-21-0066 - Studies of the thermal scattering laws (alpha, beta) with ab initio calculations and molecular dynamic simulations.

SL-DES-21-0068 - Sensitivity analysis for thermohydrodynamic models: uncertainty analysis and parameter estimation.

SL-DES-21-0077 - Multi-scale finite element methid for incompressible flows.

SL-DES-21-0092 - Simulation of ion transfer at liquid/liquid interfaces

SL-DES-21-0132 - Development of turbulence models by machine learning driven by direct numerical simulations.

SL-DES-21-0142 - Application of Artificial neural network to electrical impedance tomography on diphasic flows.

SL-DES-21-0172 - Molecular simulation of ion transfer for extraction.

SL-DES-21-0368 - Analysis and optimization of variance reduction techniques for particle transport problems in radiation shielding.

SL-DES-21-0616 -

SL-DRF-21-0417 - Data-driven modeling and theory of dense active suspensions.