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Applicants' feedback

MARAAWI, Antoinette.

Working in the CEA is an asset on your CV
Published on 14 September 2018

Last but not least, Antoinette told us about her experience of NUMERICS selection process.

How did you hear about NUMERICS program?

MARAAWI: I had been accepted for a PhD position at the CEA and my supervisor recommended me this program.

Why did you want to apply for this program?  And for this specific PhD project?

MARAAWI: I thought this program could give an extra value for both my thesis and my career, it would be thus a quality point on my CV. NUMERICS is an enriching program.

Basing on your own experience would you give me your opinion on the selection process?

MARAAWI: It was a really good experience and the jury was genuinly kind.

Did you use WebEx for the audition? Had you used it before? Was it convenient? Easy to handle?  

MARAAWI: Yes we did. The Program manager, Mr.Zimmerman opened the WebEx room a couple of days before the presentation to test it. He helped me to use the software. Once you have used it at least once it turns out to be really convenient and easy.

Is there anything you wished you had known before?

MARAAWI: I wish I had had more information about the selection criteria and more details about the program itself.

Would you have a piece of advice for the next applicants?

MARAAWI: If the CEA accepts you for a PhD program, don't hesitate to apply if your thesis subject fits in the Numerics program. This experience will surely be useful for you even if you will not be chosen in the final selection of the candidates.