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Applicants' feedback

WANG, Yimi.

 A golden opportunity to go deeper into a subject
Published on 14 September 2018

​​Yimi WANG will soon start researches on "Multiscale modelling of segregation and diffusion in Fe-Cr-Ni alloys under irradiation".

How did you hear about NUMERICS program?

WANG: I was on a 6 month-internship at the CEA an​d my tutor suggested me to apply for the NUMERICS program.

Why did you want to apply for this program?  And for this specific PhD project?

WANG: I thought it was a golden opportunity to go deeper into modelling and thus enrich my thesis project which is by the way about the same subject.

Basing on your own experience would you give me your opinion on the selection process? 

WANG: From my experience the selection process was not difficult overall.  

Did you use WebEx for the audition? Had you used it before? Was it convenient and easy to handle?

WANG: Yes, we used WebEx and it was ok. It was the first time I used, but due to a poor intenet connection the software lagged. The jury could not see, fortunately they could at least hear me. 

Is there anything you wished you had known before? 

WANG: I wished I had more information about the next steps after having the results, particularly about the procedure for getting a VISA and the requirements for applying. Back then, the program did not have a proper website where all those information could be found. Now they are all available on the proper website of NUMERICS.

Would you have a piece of advice for the next applicants?

WANG: The applicant should learn a maximum about simulation from their previous internships.