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Applicants' feedback

LI, Kangming.

​It's a competing experience
Published on 14 September 2018

Kangming LI has been selected to undertake the program "Interplay between chemical configuration, magnetism and defects in Fe-Ni-Cr alloys: an ab initio study”.

How did you hear about NUMERICS program?

LI: I interned at the CEA in May 2018 and my supervisor asked me to apply for the NUMERICS program.

Why did you want to apply for this program?  And for this specific PhD project?

LI: What incited me to apply was that one of the subjects was similar to the one I had worked on during the internship. 

Basing on your own experience would you give me your opinion on the selection process? 

LI: I truly think it's a good program because applicants have to show experience, motivation and an outstanding academic background. It's a nice way to gain experience in competition. 

Did you use WebEx for the audition? Had you used it before? Was it convenient? Easy to handle? 

LI: We did use WebEx software for the interview. Though I had never used it before, I found the software was very convenient. One little downside about it was that the audio was not very convenient.

Is there anything you wished you had known before?
LI: Hum..I was short of the time for the presentation. I thought it would last about 15-30 minute while in fact the presentation only lasted 10min. 

Would you have a piece of advice for the next applicants?

LI: Avoid going deep into details. Applicants should stick to the general part of the subject during the presentation. The goal is to make it as clear and comprehensible as possible.